Letter: Protest fails to save post office

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SIGNIFICANT in the article about the post office service in Huntingdon is the fact that it has moved to the rear of Woolworths (''Pensions? Stamps? Go to Woolies'', 20 November). It seems that the franchised post offices are usually at the rear of the shops, clearly indicating that the service is an


The excellent post office in Warminster is being closed in February and Martin's newsagent is taking over. The present post office building belongs to Royal Mail, and has no use for any other purpose.

Our excellent post office staff won an award for Best Branch Office Team and when the award was presented by a Post Office Counters manager, he told them that their office would close in February.

There has been a long and enthusiastic campaign of protest by Warminster people, but no notice at all has been taken, in spite of repeated promises about ''consultation''.

Now we know the value Martin's is placing on the service. In the local newspapers they are advertising for counter staff at pounds 3.32 per hour. On the next page is an advertisement for cleaners for a holiday village at pounds 3.60 per hour. One cannot help fearing the worst.

Bette Anderson

Warminster, Wiltshire