Letter: Prozac is not addictive

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SOME of the points raised by Richard Grant's article 'The Prozac Generation' (Review, 30 January) need clarification. Prozac is an anti-depressant. Valium is not. Valium may, under certain circumstances, cause physical dependence. Prozac does not.

There is no credible evidence of a causal link between Prozac and suicidal or violent behaviour. The regulatory authorities have cleared Prozac of any such link. Indeed, the scientific data indicates that Prozac may actually protect against the dangers of suicide.

The company has found no evidence that Prozac can change personality, as Dr Peter Kramer suggests in his book Listening to Prozac. Improvements in social functioning and general well-being are seen in many patients treated with anti-depressants such as Prozac. Such changes are part of recovery. They do not signify a change in personality.

Dr Gordon B Coutts

Lilly Industries Ltd

Basingstoke, Hants