Letter: Socialism: Behind but making a comeback

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May I, on behalf of the Socialist Party of Great Britain, thank Neal Ascherson for his kind acknowledgement of our integrity ("Is it dead or only sleeping?", 22 September).

However, I must disagree with his view that "the socialist rebellion against capital has failed". What has failed are the utopian attempts by social democrats and leftists to reform away capitalism's many and inevitable evils, and the suggestion that there can be democracy in the workplace within capitalism is another example of this.

Yes, real socialists do think "that men and women are only true to their natures when they collaborate and share rather than compete". Certainly, business tries to eliminate competition when it can and workers hardly welcome competition for jobs, do they?

Let me assure Mr Ascherson that the SPGB at least hasn't "ebbed away". We have seen the spread of our ideas to India resulting in the formation of a companion party there, and we shall be contesting five constituencies, more than ever before, at the general election. The socialist idea persists and the existence of capitalism guarantees it.

Vic Vanni

SPGB candidate for Glasgow Kelvin, Glasgow