Letter: Steps forward

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Labelling children with educational needs is far easier than living down the label. Having lived through the difficulties of a child with learning problems I sympathise with parents wanting to find a reason. But that doesn't treat the symptoms. My daughter came close to being given a label but after educational therapy sessions with Jean Robb and Hilary Letts ("The taming of the unruly", Review, 14 July) she was given the tools to forge ahead.

To describe any methods proved to be successful which give hope to parents and troubled children "as a slap in the face to parents" as a mother suggested (Letters, 21 July) is unfair. There was no suggestion that every child can benefit from these methods. But scores have.

The programme devised by Jean Robb after 30 years' teaching experience offers no magic cures. My daughter attended weekly two-hour sessions for more than 12 months. Small steps led to giant leaps.

Judith Edwards

Wirral, Merseyside