Letter: Stick to sport

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I was shocked by Peter Corrigan's article concerning protesters' complaints over Paul Gascoigne's inclusion in the national football squad ("Hoddle, England and the moral maze", Sport, 3 November). Gascoigne is a self-confessed abuser of his partner. It is deplorable to say that by not prosecuting, his wife, Sheryl, has "condoned" the violence he is alleged to have used. Mr Corrigan should do some research before making such ludicrous statements. Many women who have been beaten are so traumatised that they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, which can sap a woman's confidence, sometimes leading her to blame herself for her ordeal. It is no wonder that women may suffer years of abuse before overcoming their inability to protect themselves.

By objecting, I expect I bring myself within the category of "hail of harridans", an objectionable way to describe the thousands of women (but none of the men) who have questioned the wisdom in allowing this man to represent our country.

Lindsay Adams

London EC4