LETTER : Still on a high from Oasis Oasis are best since Beatles

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OK. I MAY only be 16 years old, but we are all entitled to our own opinions. Unfortunately, I feel that Nicholas Barber expressed his too strongly regarding the record-breaking Oasis gigs at Earl's Court ("Oasis dry up before the end", Real Life, 12 November). I appreciate that I was only one of 40,000 people lucky enough to be there and enjoy such an amazing experience, but I think that what I am about to say will speak for the majority of Indy Kids who were there.

"Maybe I was the only person who was disappointed by last Sunday's pedestrianism," he writes. I'm sure he was. I am still on a high, and the concert was over a week ago! Every time Oasis are mentioned at school, on the radio, anywhere, I immediately "wake-up" and become enthusiastically involved. Why not? They are the Best British Group since the Beatles, so they must be something to shout about. If Oasis are so wonderful, why shouldn't they receive as much hype as the new Beatles Anthology is getting?

Ailsa Edwards

St Albans, Herts