Letter: The baby is the only thing sacred in childbirth

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I Applaud Louise Chunn for her article "Hi-tech childbirth? Yes please, doctor" (Real Life, 23 February). Her words help to turn the tide towards providing women with more honest information about childbirth.

At my National Childbirth Trust (NCT) classes I was advised that tapping out "Oranges and Lemons" on my leg would help me through the most intense period of labour pain. During my actual experience of labour (albeit under induction), I found all pain relief other than an epidural totally ineffective.

As induction looked increasingly unlikely to succeed, I was told that I needed to consider an emergency Caesarean. The doctors expressed concern that I might feel a sense of personal failure, but I was prepared for the operating theatre. I would have failed if I had put some half- baked notions of non-interventionist childbirth before the safe delivery of my child.

This article serves to remind me that there is nothing unmissable or sacred about the process of childbirth except the baby itself.

Deborah J Thomas

London NW