LETTER: The costly burden of motherhood has its benefits, too

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From Miss R. E. Howard

Sir: Should we be too concerned about "The declining appeal of motherhood" (11 April)? Are we not, in common with the rest of the world, overpopulated enough already?

I suppose there may be women who can balance a demanding career with the even more demanding one of bringing up children, but I can only say that my own job (which many today would consider was humdrum and undemanding in the extreme) would have left me with very little time or energy for caring for a family as well.

Perhaps there is, after all, something to be said for a revival of the concept of women either being home-makers or having a career outside the home. Sadly, sometimes circumstances dictate that the reverse has to be the case, but surely the vast majority of us cannot "serve two masters" without something - or worse still, somebody - suffering in the process?

Yours truly,


Ewell, Surrey

11 April