Letter: The facts about my story

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David Aaronovitch is entitled to pour scorn on Anglia's production of my novel The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous (Real Life, 8 June), but if he starts his piece "All great art should reveal important truths", he should be slightly more careful with the truth himself. For a start the Jack Russell he refers to was not sitting on the bed during intercourse but was actually watching from the carpet. He is also actually not female but a male Jack Russell, which was not very hard to deduce as he was called by his name "Jack" on numerous times during the programme.

Your reviewer then goes on to dismiss a line of dialogue from the new Lysander, saying: "In Lysander's immortal words, 'I'm going to stay glued to you all evening. Just like the eyes of every man in this room!' (Could you write a line like that? You could? Then go out and make money, baby.)" I do feel that he should get the quote right. Lysander actually said: "I'm going to stay super-glued to you all evening..." which makes a difference.

Finally, and most untruthfully of all, having described Lysander, played by Stephen Billington, as a 6ft 1in Adonis, he wrongly captions a large photograph of Derek de Lint who, well into his forties, plays the villainous conductor, Rannaldini, "as Lysander (Stephen Billington)" proving "with Flora (Rhona Mitra) his claim to be known as The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous".

Jilly Cooper

Bisley, Gloucestershire