LETTER : The future through Apple's eyes is rosy, not rotten

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YOUR article on Apple computers, "The rot sets in" (Business, 12 November), rehashed our past mistakes without saying how we are addressing the future. We would like to point out that:

1 Apple has gained market share since Windows '95.

2 Macintosh is gaining developers; 3,500 attended Apple's developer conference this year.

3 Worldwide, Apple is number one supplier in education, two in home and three in business.

4 Apple has superior multimedia, plug and play to other platforms and is ahead of the game by integrating virtual reality and 3D technology into PCs.

5 Apple is world leader in video on demand, interactive music and has become the number two Internet provider in less than three months.

6 Apple is a $11bn, not a $9.2bn company.

Your assertion that Apple, IBM and Motorola will not introduce Common Hardware Reference Platform machines was undermined on 13 November when the availability of the "PowerPC Platform" was announced.

Russell Brady

Apple Computer UK