LETTER : The language of money

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I WAS interested to read "Myths about the pound in your pocket" (19 February). However, the single currency would be a currency unit and not a denomination. Its adoption would not preclude member countries from continuing to mint their own designs of notes and coins. There is no reason why English units should not be called pounds, French units francs and so on. Indeed, it would be easier to preserve national denominations.

By the time the single currency becomes a reality, the EU will speak at least 11 different languages. Banknotes have to be written in a language. The idea of each note being written in 11 separate languages is silly; there would not be enough room. Then, of course, there is the insurmountable problem of choosing designs which would be acceptable and meaningful to all members.

When the time comes the problem will not be how to persuade countries to ditch their historic denominations, but rather of dissuading the regions from reviving their own.

Christopher Gausden