Letter: The sensible way to deal with guns

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Sir: After the debate on the Firearms Bill in the Lords ("Lords inflict triple defeat on Tories over guns ban", 5 February), I would like to clear up some confusion about the amendment proposed.

The Bill demands that all pistols should be kept at clubs. That means creating large arsenals of handguns. Terrorists and thieves will target such clubs. No matter how good the security, there will be thefts. Because of this, the law will make the public less safe.

In the Lords the matter was discussed in detail. It was decided that it would be safer to demand that pistols should be broken in half, with one half staying in the club, the other half going back with the shooter to his home, where it would be locked up securely. Thus public safety would be assured. This is the preferred option of everyone who knows anything about guns. In fact, as a club secretary myself, I know that the police have always demanded this for club guns.

South Godstone, Surrey