LETTER : The tables turned in Bosnia

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THE CURRENT exodus of 50,000 Serb refugees from north-western Bosnia indicates that the Muslims and Croats are well on their way to achieving their goal of creating a Serb-free Bosnia - a goal they failed to attain 50 years ago with Hitler's backing.

Many in the West who applaud the Nato air strikes argue that since Bosnia's Serbs are alleged to have committed more atrocities than the Muslims or Croats, they have forfeited their basic right to self-determination and deserve to be exterminated - something which the Croats and Muslims are doing. Nato is therefore an accomplice to genocide.

The Bosnian Muslims propaganda campaign appears to have won them not only massive arms supplies but Nato air cover as well.

The Western media has distorted the basic facts of the Bosnian civil war beyond recognition - portraying Bosnia's Muslims as innocent "victims" and Bosnia's Serbs as ruthless "aggressors". In reality, it is the Serb population that faces extermination. The Serbs have been so thoroughly demonised that the West turns a blind eye to the fascist regimes in Zagreb and Sarajevo - so long as they only kill Serbs.

With Nato on its side, the Bosnian Muslim ruling clique has less incentive to negotiate than ever before. The current Muslim and Croat offensives can be expected to continue until Bosnia is cleansed of its 1.5 million Serbs - all in the name of "Western values" and "democratic principles".

George Tintor

London EC3