Letter: Unpicked Italians can't foul up

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IF Eamon Dunphy's research is as thorough as his arguments then Italy should win the World Cup as handsomely as Brazil in 1970 ('Italy rattled by a striking problem', Sport, 12 June).

Dunphy names certain players to emphasise his point that Italy's chances of success are not high. Among these are Christian Panucci and the lanky (sic) Andrea Silenzi. Neither of these two players are even in the Italian squad. What authority does Dunphy have to talk about Italy's chances when he is not aware of who is in the squad?

He also claims that the strength of Serie A largely depends on the foreign players. The top goal scorer for the last two seasons has been Giuseppe Signori. Roberto Baggio is regarded by many as the best player in the world. Many foreign players arrive in Italy with excellent credentials and then appear ordinary. Could this be because they are closely watched by players of the calibre of Maldini, Baresi, Vierchowod, Bergomi and Tassotti?

If Jack Charlton's preparation for the World Cup is as poor as Dunphy's analysis then it will be a miracle if Ireland finds the right stadia to play in let alone know who they are going to play.

Forza Azzurri]

G M Iannaccone

Bury, Lancashire