Letter: We can choose how our food is produced

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We can choose how our food is produced

Organic meat offers a safe alternative

AS FAR as is known, no cases of BSE have occurred in organic herds, or in herds where organic standards have been in operation since before 1985 ("The birth of BSE", 31 March). Where there has been a case of BSE, it has been in an animal brought into the herd from a non-organic origin.

Organic herds are not fed animal or fish protein. There can be no question of organic beef producers being misled by product labelling on feedstuff bags - as suggested by Kevin Taylor - because organic feeds are certified to national standards, and these require that there is no protein from animal or fish sources.

We should be aware that there is a choice in how our food is produced and that organic food offers the best chance of an unadulterated and safe product.

Mark Fisher

Shipley, West Yorkshire