Letter: We don't need the carrot of Heaven or the stick of Hell we need to learn to be moral We should not throw religion's morals out with its myths

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I agree that nothing could be more important than the reconciliation of science and religion and, as a practising Catholic, I suggest our side might begin with the power imagery we attach to God. Not only do our medieval notions of divine omnipotence make no sense in the light of modern science's ability to describe the universe, they are one of the biggest barriers to non-Church people being able to enter into this "grand narrative".

How do Christians talk about the apparent irreconcilability of absolute power and absolute love, given what we see about us? Perhaps a starting point lies in Simone Weil's insight - that God has no power in the world other than the love he inspires in us. Could that be a basis for a religion of the 21st century?

Lilian Hall

Penzance, Cornwall