Letter: Whingers and the self-seeking need not apply for motherhood

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I am sick and tired of whingeing careerwomen complaining about the trials of motherhood ("Motherhood: the big lie", Real Life, 6 July). Women only used to the relatively minor demands of office and boardroom (compared to parenting) expect children to be perfect parcels wrapped up in gold ribbon that will conveniently sleep and feed at times appropriate to the schedules of their parents.

I had a glamorous career, travelling Europe attending conventions with high-powered executives, but gave it all up to concentrate on my daughter. Motherhood is definitely not easy but neither is it the horror story these women claim it to be. Boring - I wish I had the time! Coffee mornings are spent discussing politics, philosophy and yes, sometimes, nappies. Children can be entertained by a variety of means, none boring, and with no need to be limited to finger painting. Watching my child grow and develop is stimulating and fascinating - she changes every day and when she laughs it makes up for all the sleeplessness, stress and pain.

All too often children are regarded as a fashion accessory and some mothers-to-be have no appreciation of the sacrifice involved. Motherhood is the most demanding, exhausting, satisfying, wonderful role I have ever undertaken but it is not a job for the self-seeking and shallow. It is the closest things to a miracle one can experience and it should be celebrated not castigated.

Beverley Connolly

Woldingham, Surrey