LETTER: Women, beware of marriage

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RECENT ideology suggesting that we all need a dose of traditional family values to put us back on the right track only creates feelings of inadequacy and confusion in those of us who are struggling to understand what is happening to the family. Polly Toynbee ("How to survive the 21st century", Review, 2 April) will no doubt be accused of spouting politically correct clap-trap, but I found her article concerning what we should expect in the next century realistic and offering sensible advice to women. I was dismayed, however, to read Annabel Ferriman's recommendation: "If you are a man, find yourself a wife or partner. Men in stable marriages or relationships are healthier and live longer. The same does not apply to women." Too right it doesn't. One reason is that 70 hours of housework per week is bad for women's health. Is anyone surprised? Surely women should be warned not to marry or find a partner.

Briony Galpin

Colchester, Essex