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YOUR article "Bavarians, a bed-sit and the throne of Scotland" by James Cusick (4 June) gave the impression that the candidacy of Prince Albrecht (called King Albert in the article) for the British throne was just a whimsical idea. Prince Albrecht not only descends from the sister of James II but from Elizabeth, the "Winter Queen". His father, Prince Rupprecht, who died in 1955, was considered a serious contender for the throne and at his funeral in Munich there were many Scottish supporters. The Palace has discouraged Prince Albrecht from attending public ceremonies in this country.

Several years ago I invited Prince Albrecht to open an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum of paintings and drawings connected with Ludwig II of Bavaria. I was told by the then director of the museum, Sir Roy Strong, that Buckingham Palace would find it "unacceptable" for the Stuart pretender to open the exhibition. I was forced to withdraw the invitation.

There are many, including the Prince of Wales, who are well aware that the head of the House of Stuart is even today an alternative to the House of Windsor.

H B Brooks-Baker

Burke's Peerage

London SW11