LETTER:Bosnia: we cannot stand by

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I READ the Independent on Sunday in the belief that it's more humane and better-informed than its competitors. But any more editorials like last Sunday's ("Peacekeeping all the way to catastrophe") will mean you have lost another reader.

"A strong Serbia is the best guarantor of lasting peace in the Balkans", is it? Haven't we heard that somewhere before?

Wasn't "a strong Germany the best guarantor of lasting peace in Europe" in the 1930s? And wasn't "a strong Iraq the best guarantor against Islamic fundamentalism" in the 1980s? Are you really saying that, with slave labour in Pale, apartheid in Kosovo, the continued existence of death camps and attempted expulsion and extermination of an entire group of people because they do not share the dominant religion, it is "in Britain's interest" to politely ignore what is happening?

Your leader draws analogies with the wrong world war. It is not 1914 we are witnessing now, but something more like 1937.

What is to be done can be argued about. But if nothing is done, what will happen is clear.

Amanda Sebestyen

London NW1