Letters: Briefly

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After all the concern about not exposing the Royal princes to the same invasion of privacy as Diana suffered, I note that the Independent on Sunday and the Sunday Telegraph were the only newspapers on 7 September not to run front covers with close-ups of the princes' faces as they followed their mother's coffin.

Stephanie Davies-Arai

St Albans, Herts

I only saw the peace campaigner and opponent of land mines, the late Princess of Wales, in the flesh once. It was in Barrow-in-Furness. I was protesting against a Trident nuclear submarine; she was launching it.

Mark Brown Glasgow

Diana's funeral brought out two things: the rediscovery of "society" and the value of loving kindness; and the affirmation of the monarchy, not as the apex of a power structure, but as a representative of a nation. Grouse-moor toffs, however dutiful, cannot be representative. The Tsar of all the Russias was keen on "duty" but lacking in the Diana virtue: empathy.

Leila Roberts

Ripon, North Yorks