Letters: Briefly

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STEVE CONNOR tells us that Britain consumes 7,000 kilos of washing powder per head of the population per year ('But does it rot your shorts?', 12 June). This would work out at about 112 standard size boxes per person per week. Either Mr Connor needs to look to his calculations or I need to look to my standards of personal hygiene, as I confess my purchases fall somewhat short of that.

Hilary Hinds, Birmingham

MONIQUE ROFFEY managed to tell us no less than five times that she is heterosexual (First-hand, 12 June). May one suggest that the obvious answer to all unwanted sexual advances, hetero or homo, is thanks but no thanks. This is from a 66-year-old female, definitely heterosexual. I just know]

Iris Parkes, London SW16

THE Social Democratic Party, like David Marquand, still sees constitutional reform as crucial ('Libs in a paddy as Labour steals poll thunder', 12 June). Without a commitment to electoral reform you have no right to consider yourself a Social Democrat. The lamentable Alex Kellaway may be understandably confused about this. After all, he used to be a Liberal Democrat. Their failed attempt to wipe out the SDP shows that they have no understanding of the meaning of the words democratic pluralism. The SDP, despite Lib Dem efforts, is alive and well and committed to democratic pluralism.

John Bates, President SDP


HOW awful for Andrew Purvis that the ham in his sandwich was 'horribly reminiscent' of a live pig (Tried and tested, 12 June). My heart, unlike the deceased pig's, does not bleed for him because the solution to his aesthetic problem is very simple. Meat? Leave it out.

Robert Burns, Glasgow

IN HIS article 'The perfect ten' (World Cup 1994, 12 June) Richard Williams mistakenly asserted that Michel Platini is left-footed: the best French mid-fielder of all time is in fact right-footed.

Vincent Maki, Darlington

I SEE Brian Lara is number 32 in your column 'How much does he earn'. Took you a long time to find someone worth the money, didn't it?

David Morton, Driffield, E Yorks