Letters: Briefly

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AS Captain Moonlight seems so keen that the Sphinx's beard should be returned to its rightful owner ('Return to lender', 20 March), perhaps he could also lobby the Queen for the return of the 'Koh-i-Noor' diamond to either India or Pakistan from where it was taken when Britain invaded the Punjab in 1849.

Khalid Ramzan, Watford, Herts

. . . . return of the Benin Bronzes is long overdue.

John Turnpenny, Woodford Green, Essex

WE'VE HAD 'the loud Ulster voice' and now, in your editorial 'We guard our freedom' (20 March), 'the quiet Ulster voice'. Can we still count on the excellent IoS to sound the tones in between?

Doreen Mahon, London W12

WHY this modern obsession that there must be a winner at all costs, even if it means, as in the England v Wales match at Twickenham on 19 March, resorting to a points differential? This is no true reflection of the difference between two sides ('England slams the door', 20 March). A draw is a draw. Let's be honest enough to say so.

Rev Hugh Pruen, Chichester

DR TOM SAUNDERS ('Food scares: a consumers' guide', Review, 20 March) should consider value when endorsing certain foods.

For example, potato crisps cost approximately 25p for a 30g bag. This amounts to pounds 3.75/lb for what is after all just potato.

T P Johnson, Southfields,

London SW18