Letters: Briefly

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DIRECTING my compass from my study window I could be in East Cheam. Only, Captain Moonlight (20 November), it doesn't exist - except in the immortal evocation of Tony 'Ancock's 'alf hour. Can't vouch for the instant ribaldry that the other ''place names'' evoke, but I have never found much to laugh about when in Islington: we were all too busy chattering.

Peter Porteous, Cheam, Surrey

SO, Jennings has perished has he (''Stuck on the shelf'', Review, 20 November)? In the past few years 14 of the original books have been reissued in paperback. What's more, Anthony Buckeridge actually wrote a new Jennings volume, Jennings Again.

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

FAR from being out of print for many years, eight of Monica Edwards' Romney Marsh series (it was never Monica Dickens) are currently available, published by Goodchild. The same publisher also has 11 Malcolm Saville stories in print.

Cynthia Reavell, Rye, E Sussex

THE Prime Minister allegedly calls some cabinet ministers ''bastards''. John Maples, deputy chairman, refers to Tory backbenchers as ''yobbos'' and yet they all call each other ''my right honourable friend''.

R Donovan, Thornford, Dorset