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A FEATURE of every lift in every office block in the land is that if the doors are not properly closed, the lift will not move. How is it that such a simple, sensible feature is not fitted to all roll-on roll-off ferries?

Peter Rutherford, London NW6

JESUS may have replaced Marx as a key influence on Labour MPs (25 September) but some things have not changed since the first survey in 1906. Then as now not one woman features in their list of top literary influences.

Keith Flett, London N17

I WAS disappointed with Irving Wardle's review of The Picture of Dorian Gray at the Lyric Hammersmith (18 September). Not only did he miss the point that the picture is represented by the music (string sextet and harp), but he also made the howling error of describing the music at the moment of Basil Hallward's death as a cello solo. It was in fact a double bass solo played by myself.

Andrew Cruickshank, Glasgow

WHY could the Prime Minister not get to his Chilterns pub during normal opening hours like the rest of us?

David Bradnack, Aylesbury

I FIND it incredible that Alistair Burt should criticise businesses for taking away employees from their families ('Party of cut-price family values', 25 September) when more and more teachers, doctors and nurses are working extra hours because of the Government's policies and underfunding.

Richard Mayne,

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire