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MARIAN E REID, extolling the virtues of Wisconsin, cited Radar as one of its 'products'. The unsophisticated, good- hearted corporal in MASH hails from Ottumwa, Iowa.

Lindsay J Russell, Edinburgh I DO NOT know who put the 'dang' in the 'Dang-A-Lang-A-Ding-Dong' (Letters, 16 October) but I suspect it was copied from the 1961 hit 'Who Put The Bomp?' by the Viscounts, which asks: 'Who put the bomp in the bomp ba bomp ba bomp? Who put the ram in the rama lama ding-dong?'

David McNickle, Saint Albans THE real question is 'Who put the Ram in the Rama Lama Ding Dong?', one of several questions asked by Barry Mann, who wrote the Viscount's 1961 hit 'Who Put the Bomp?' But the answer is The Edsels, since they were the one-miss-wonder group responsible for 'Rama Lama Ding-Dong' the same year.

D B C Reed, Northampton HANDS off Keith Flett (Letters, 16 October)] He produces letters that are worth reading and sometimes in the most unusual places.

William P Roberts, London N1