Letters: Briefly

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At Last, sceptics plan to "demolish publicly what its members consider bogus, unscientific or unproven" ("UFOs, ghosts, crop circles: sceptics fight back", 22 June). Please ask them to add God to their list.

Frances M Field

Marple Bridge, Cheshire

"Flat Earth" (22 June) pours scorn, justifiably, on the idea that Cherry Creek shopping centre is Colorado's top tourist spot and asks isn't the Grand Canyon also in Colorado? Though it's in the Colorado Plateau and the Colorado river flows through it, actually the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

Stuart A Hill

Stockport, Cheshire

Creevey claims that the Hague-for-leader campaign spent pounds 87,000 (22 June). By my calculations that means they could have sent 10 5p leaflets, made 10 30-minute national peak-time phone calls and provided 16 pounds 30 bottles of champagne to each of the 163 voters. In the general election candidates were permitted to spend only (approximately) 12p per voter. How could the Hague campaign have spent such enormous sums of money?

Bill Morrison

Cuckfield, West Sussex

I share your reviewer's admiration for the re-released Somethin' Else on Blue Note ("Records", Real Life, 22 June). However, what Miles Davis actually says is not "Is that what you wanted out of it?" but "Is that what you wanted, Alfred?". Alfred Lion was the album's producer. Also, Cannonball Adderley had already joined Miles's own group, making it a sextet by this date.

Raymond Horricks

Ryde, Isle of Wight