LETTERS: Briefly

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l ROBERT Lefever's article on addiction ("The flight to freedom", Review, 7 April) gave the impression that this was an authoritative view. The "disease model" is only one way of making sense of a complex set of behaviours; there are other theories of addiction that do not employ that particular metaphor.

Antonio Macaro, London N8

l ASBESTOS is indeed "The quiet epidemic" (7 April). Some asbestos- related deaths are inaccurately recorded as lung cancer so the true statistics are not known. It is not until post mortem that bilateral diffuse pleural thickening, for example, can be found. Unless a person is known to have been exposed to asbestos, the death would not be recorded as asbestos-related.

K M Hambly, Gloucester

l NOT content with allowing the contamination of beef through its neglect, the Government is now proposing to contaminate our fish supplies by dumping the ground-up remains of contaminated cattle in the sea.

Mary Partington, Warrington