LETTERS: Circumcision may be unwise for men: for women it is mutilation

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IN HIS campaign to discourage male circumcision, Dr John Warren tells only half the story. My story, tells the other half.

At 12, with puberty coming on nicely, a shock caused by a traumatic family split caused my puberty to go into reverse. During the next year or so, my foreskin tightened and one testicle shrunk to the size of a pea - which is how it is today. In later adolescence, attempts to form heterosexual relationships were dashed by pain and humiliation.

At the age of 25, a tropical virus caused inflammation under my impossible- to-clean foreskin. A quickly arranged circumcision removed the offending skin and cured the inflammation. But no psychiatric surgery could cure the psychological damage. I take that affliction to my grave.

I know I am not unique. At the age of say, 13 or 14, an appropriate medical examination of all boys would tell if all is well. Any who suffer as I did should undergo immediate circumcision.

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