LETTERS : Euro pooches

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IN HIS profile of Pauline Green ("Labour's other leader", 5 February), Andrew Marshall implies that some Labour MEPs' objection to Tony Blair's desire to abandon Clause IV shows that the party has not lost the ability to shoot itself in the foot. Was it not Mr Blair's action in resurrecting a dead issue that provoked the shooting?

Mr Marshall criticises John Major for once calling John Smith Monsieur Oui, the poodle of Brussels. Mr Smith's Euro-enthusiasm led him to defy the Labour whip to avail this country of the manifold blessings of the Common Agricultural Policy and rule by commissioner. Harold Wilson, when Prime Minister, described Edward Heath as "rolling over like a spaniel" at a few kind words from President de Gaulle when he was making his misguided efforts to join the Common Market. Both John Major and Harold Wilson were right.

Roy Roebuck

London N1