LETTERS: Gender war

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When I began questioning the ideology of modern feminism, my work was presumed to be the product of unhappy relationships. Half a decade later, the line of attack has spun 180 degrees. In her article "The myth about men" (Real Life, 19 May), Ruth Picardie dismissed the possibility that men might suffer inequalities, especially in family life, partly because I had told her that "I have a very happy life, thank you". My personal life is irrelevant. The matter for discussion is theoretical and ideological.

In conversation with me, she acknowledged that the evidence for widespread inequalities for men, especially in family life, is "incontestable". If so, it is impossible to argue that our society is patriarchal. We may then think that modern feminism has foisted upon us a misrepresentation; and its accessories of intolerance, spite and sex-war aggression were, and are, ill-fitting.

I hope women and men are coming to see that their interests are not antagonistic, as modern feminism has given us to believe, but are complementary, sympathetic, harmonious and equal.

Neil Lyndon

Woodbridge, Suffolk