Letters in brief

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"When parsnips stop in this country we fly them in from Australia"("Journey into Tescoland", 2 March). This is an obscene misuse of fossil fuels. We need legislation to ensure that a sign is prominently displayed: "Buying these contributes to the destruction of our world."

R J Trotter

Welwyn, Hertfordshire

Richey Edwards's life resonates beyond the world of pop music ("Missing street preacher", 2 March). How many other young people with good degrees return to their home towns to find the only work is short-term in Pot Noodle factories?

I Morgan, Lincoln

We welcome the news of a "morning after" drug treatment to prevent HIV infection. The best protection is, however, to use a condom. It is ironic that as this pounds 800-a-time treatment is becoming available fewer free condoms are provided by the NHS.

Anne Weyman, Family Planning Association, London

Would cloning Lewis Wolpert (Letters, 2 March) be a work of science or art, and would it be progress?

David Rodway

Woldingham, Surrey

You say that Belgium holds more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else, but in fact Luxembourg does ("Close-up with the mussel men", Review, 2 March). This is perhaps not surprising; it also has a GDP 169 per cent higher than the EU average.

Serge Moes, Luxembourg Tourist Office, London W1

"Justice watchdog..." (23 February) on the new Criminal Case Review Commission describes Karamjit Singh as a member of the West Midlands Police Authority . In fact he resigned on the day the commission's members were announced. He viewed the roles as incompatible, a view I share.

A V Astling, West Midlands Police Authority, Birmingham

By printing pictures in reverse (Picasso's Les Demoiselles, Review, 23 February, and Gore's Gaugin and Connoisseurs, 2 March) are you creating a new art?

G L Read, Ruislip, Middlesex