LETTERS : Lockerbie families turn to EU

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The Independent Online
Sir: Our eldest son was killed in the Lockerbie outrage and we welcome the analysis you give today which highlights the lack of progress in establishing how such an act of terrorism could have been perpetrated. Your article concludes that the alle gationof a bomb for drugs suitcase switch is the last unexplained mystery of the Lockerbie story.

We believe that the limited inquiries that have taken place have left unanswered a whole series of vital questions.

Why did the intelligence services fail to prevent the bombing despite constant surveillance of terrorist groups? Why were specific warnings ignored? Why were some VIPs who had planned to travel on Flight 103 advised to change planes? Why has there been no explanation of the large quantities of drugs and currency known to have been found in Lockerbie? Why were the "Autumn Leaves" bomb-makers released in Germany in 1988? Why did the Iran/Syria trail suddenly go cold at a time when it was convenient to have the support of Iran and Syria?

These are some of the questions that the UK Families Flight 103 group feels can only be answered by an independent inquiry. Such an inquiry has been consistently refused by the UK government.

It is for this reason that the UK Families Flight 103 is now turning to Europe. We intend to present a petition to the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 15 March in order to press the Commission to act now to ensure that governments co-operate fully to uncover all the circumstances of the bombing in which citizens of seven EU member states were murdered, and to ensure that everything possible is done at airports in the EU to prevent terrorism succeeding.

Yours faithfully, Jean berkley Barrie Berkley Hexham Northumberland 25 January