LETTERS: Men can suffer at work too Male horseplay is stranger than you think

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In your report on sexual harassment in the workplace ("When is indecent assault just 'a bit of fun'?" 28 July), barrister Sarah Maguire's remark that "if men banter, they don't tweak each other's nipples" reveals her ignorance of the workplace. Male-on-male "horseplay" is traditionally highly tactile and can include the tweaking of nipples or the grabbing of genitals. This can be either light-hearted or designed to humiliate, depending on the job status of the person singled out for such treatment. Young men can also be bullied in this way by groups of women.

I do agree, however, with her comment that such behaviourdemonstrates power rather than sexual attraction; the appearance of the victim is irrelevant.

M Maguire

Morden Park, Surrey