LETTERS : Myths encourage friction among blacks

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Sir: Further to Esther Oxford's article on "why six out of 10 black women aged 20 to 39 are without a partner", may I be permitted to grossly over-generalise, as everybody else in the article appeared to. I am a "good" 31-year-old single black pro fessional male with no kids and with no intentions in the foreseeable future of getting married. I would describe myself as promiscuous, but for Yvette Richards to imply that the reason for my promiscuity is "low self- esteem" is ridiculous. It is lust! There are fundamental differences in the mind set of the sexes (whatever the race) that, in my opinion, can never be reconciled. What we can encourage is better communication, which in time will lead to better understanding. The notion (held by black men) thatwhite women are more exciting in the sack, is just as mistaken as the belief (of white men and women) that black men are more exciting.

Finally, what happened to contraception? Who says Baby Mothers have to be Baby Mothers? My impression of the young Nineties woman is one of independence, strength and choice. Long may it remain that way.

Yours sincerely, Tunde Jinadu London, NW1

30 January