LETTERS: Ripper theory some believe Unravelling Ripper murders

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For the benefit of anyone who is interested in the Jack the Ripper murders but missed Channel 4's Secret History: The Whitechapel Murders, and therefore may have been misled by David Aaronovitch's review, (Real Life, 28 July), may I confirm two things? Yes, the programme was based on the book by Stewart Evans and Bruce Gainey and written around the Littlechild Letter, acknowledged as the most significant piece of documentary evidence to have emerged in the last 40 years. The second point to confirm, therefore, is: yes, Mr Aaronovitch's crude dismissal of the entire theory as "bollocks" was another example of the God-Almighty journalist arriving on the scene a long time after anyone else but thinking he knows better.

Polly Nash

West Harrow, Middlesex