LETTERS : The Redhill airport plot

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THE really odd thing about Nicholas Faith's enthusiasm (two articles in two weeks, Business) for the private developers' scheme for Redhill airport is that it lends weight to the theory that "it's all a plot". Laughably misinformed, he airily claims that evidence against the development "does vary between the thin and the non-existent", an assertion that must be causing some frustration at the offices of the British Airports Authority, The National Trust, Surrey County Council, Reigate and Banstead Council, and Tandridge District Council - all of which oppose the Redhill scheme as unsafe and unworkable, and spent hundreds of thousands of pounds fighting off this predatory plan at an eight-week public inquiry last year.

Maybe he could answer the following questions:

1 Who has admitted sotto voce that house prices could increase?

2 Exactly when did the Government hint that feeder/reliever airfields could relieve the strain on Heathrow and Gatwick?

Paul Murray

Redhill, Surrey