LETTERS: Think creatively about age NoThe old can be flexible too

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lt was disappointing to seeDavid Abraham of the London advertising agency St Luke's say: "We employ younger people who, by their nature, are more focused on closing the gap between work and home..." ("Who needs a desk, anyway?", Real Life, 28 July). Such attributes sit ill with any aspirations to being a progressive employer. There is considerable research showing that flexibility and adaptability are not solely the province of the young, and that it is mistaken to perpetuate stereotypes based on age. Our "natures" are not dependent on our age!

If I were a prospective client I would look to an advertising agency that showed creativity in its thinking about utilising the talents of the wider labour market, rather than one pursuing blinkered employment policies based on prejudice. After all, not only the young buy the products promoted by the agency.

Mike Keedwell

Chelmsford, Essex