LETTERS: Where mothers are welcome to breast-feed, with an audience or without Breast-feeding mothers are welcome at CastleCourt shopping centre

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While not wishing to disagree with the overall sentiment of your article, may I say that, in Birmingham at least, breastfeeding in public is not impossible.

I have breastfed both of my children whenever and wherever they have needed it. With my first child, this was occasionally in the privacy of a designated "mother and baby room", but with my second child (and increased certainty that what I was doing was absolutely right for both of us) I have always fed him in public. Jacob is almost two and a half, still breastfed (in public if necessary) and I will never allow myself to feel ashamed.

That's not to say that I am not discreet, but that's the beauty of breastfeeding - once it's mastered, it's convenient, and when you're holding your child close to feed, people need to be very nosy to realise you're doing anything other than having a cuddle.

Jane Davies

Edgbaston, Birmingham