LETTERS : Work may be casual but the bills are depressingly regular

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I READ "The death of the job" (5 February) with growing horror. Exactly what is in these new "work patterns" for employees? Broken marriages, scarcely parented children, lifelong insecurity, pressure, resentment and heart attacks by the sound of it.

The author, William Bridges, reiterates several times that we must all re-educate ourselves out of job-minded thinking for the coming changes, but nowhere does he mention acceptance of the new changes and how we are supposed to find that. No matter how well I understand them I could never accept such unreasonable one-way employer-employee relations. Even those who can sell out to them will only manage it for so long before pressure, anger and ill-health take their toll.

If our work is to become so casual and irregular, does that mean our bills and mortgage repayments will too? Retailers complain of the "feel- poor" factor among consumers. It looks like it can only get worse.

R Aspinall