Militant about gay rights - and socialism Only a socialist society will bring gay rights

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MILITANT (now Militant Labour) has never had the position on lesbian, gay and bisexual rights that Paul Bower attributes to us (Letters, 25 June). On the contrary, we fight for full equality. Militant Labour has an active lesbian, gay and bisexual campaign group that is currently engaged in campaigning against "gay bashing" in south London, and in the campaign to force the Children's Society to lift its ban on lesbian and gay fostering.

We do believe, however, that prejudice will never disappear while we live in a society based on class division and inequality. We therefore link our day-to-day battles against prejudice and discrimination to the struggle for a socialist society which, based as it would be on equality, solidarity and co-operation, would actively discourage prejudice and division, and provide the basis for real sexual liberation for everyone.

Helen Redwood

Militant Labour's Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Campaign Group

London E9