OAPs deserve their affluence : LETTERS

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From Miss Margaret Beard Sir: There is much truth in what Carolyn Whitehead writes to Michael Carttiss (Open Letter, 9 December). I am one of the better-off pensioners, as are many of my friends, but I also know pensioners who worked in poorly paid jobs,whose income does not compare with mine.

I should however like to remind Ms Whitehead that we were once the low-income people. We lived through the austerity of a war and started work (if we could find a job) on low salaries. Consequently, we learnt to manage our money to the best advantage andcarried on the "make do and mend" policy enforced by the war. To buy something was a genuine treat.

Poverty is relative not only to income but to expectations; we pensioners (the lucky ones) may have more disposable income than any other group, but we not regard our possessions as disposable quite as quickly as many of the younger generation. Thrift a n d the care of what we possess have played a part in what we now enjoy.

Yours truly, MARGARET BEARD Thurlstone, South Yorkshire