Pockets, naturally

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From Mrs Irmgard Green

Sir: My husband and I can answer your question "Where on earth do naturists keep their small change?" ("How to be a naturist", 13 July). It has a simple answer: in a pocket.

The pocket, in our case, is on the inside of our beach kilts, which I made very quickly from pieces of towelling. On the Continent (and in America) one can buy beach kilts in any decent department store, to cater for the numerous naturists who will never be seen without one - or at least a towel - wherever they go. Naturism does not mean being unhygienic.

I suppose the people in your picture have left their towels on a chair somewhere near to where they are drinking - to pose for your photographer.

Yours faithfully,

Irmgard Green

Trentham, Staffordshire