Tory dogma leaves no choice

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CHOICE? What choice? The impossible situation the Blairs find themselves in over the education of their son is but one example of the wider dilemma the Tories have foisted on us all ("Blair's school for scandal", 4 December).

Just as Henry Ford sold cars of all colours as long as they were black, so John Major's choice allows us to choose whatever we wish as long as it is privatised. Many of us are thus forced to use services driven by a dogma we find anathema. I have always chosen to travel by public transport, a choice no longer open to me now that buses and trains are run privately. Likewise gas, electricity, water and telecommunications.

In my book, good public services (and by that I mean services that are publicly provided, publicly funded and publicly accountable) are infinitely preferable to privatised monopolies, agencies or dividend-driven companies competing with each other.

But we no longer have the choice.

David L Seymour London SE4