Why the English aren't dreary

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From Mr Tony Linsell

Sir: What evidence has Andrew Marr for his assertion, made in "Keep the mix salty and strong" (28 March), that "Britain" would be a dreary dump today if it had been left to the Anglo-Saxons (i.e. the English) and that "Britain" has needed regular "floodings" of outsiders to keep it fertile.

The Danish and Norman invaders and settlers brought death and destruction, but their number was comparatively small and they were soon absorbed into English society. From the 11th century until the 19th century, England was not subject to regular "floodings" of outsiders; but despite that alleged handicap, the dreary Anglo-Saxons did quite well for themselves. They created a large and powerful empire which gave rise to other successful Anglo-Saxon societies, they initiated the Industrial Revolution, and made significant contributions to human knowledge and pleasure.

The Anglo-Saxons are at least as vigorous and interesting as any of the immigrant groups he commends to us.



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