You can eat too much fruit

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PERHAPS "Daily Bread" (Review, 19 March) should in future come with a health warning. Susie Miller, a "fruitarian", writes that her diet each day consists of 12 apples, 28 tomatoes, three oranges and perhaps some lettuce or grapes. Her diet is almost completely lacking in protein, fat, some nutrients and trace elements and could in the long term (five years plus) lead to severe health problems.

Unless the fruit is organic or peeled, has she considered the cumulative effect of pesticide residues? Statements such as "occasionally I get cravings: I had a few baked potatoes but my body felt so strange after eating them I haven't wanted them since" and "my body is extremely sensitive and I find I no longer need those things in my diet" to me indicate an eating disorder.

I am concerned for her children who "have freedom of choice about what they eat ... if they fancy cooked food I'll prepare them a vegan meal, absolutely no meat". The example (pasta, no sauce and salad) was severely deficient, diet-wise.

No one doubts the benefits of fruit, but only as part of a balanced diet.

Dr Angus Davison

Morpeth, Northumberland