LETTER:Save the world with low sperm counts

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Sir: In the Sixties, the Club of Rome predicted that before the next century there would be a world food shortage. Thirty years later we have set-aside programs to reduce over-production.

In the Seventies, scientists discovered acid rain and predicted that within 10 years forests would die. Last summer, apart from the drought, our forests seemed greener than ever before.

In the Eighties, scientists discovered a hole in the ozone layer; thanks to combined efforts by deodorant and shaving foam users, this problem is being reduced.

Now, in the Nineties, there is a new phenomenon - the reduction of sperm counts, due to pollution. Never before have I seen pollution in such positive light: the only way to curb pollution is the reduction of world population.

I would not be surprised if 30 years from now, we will have set-aside programmes for sperm producers.

Engel Knoppert

Voorhout, Holland