LETTER:Scouting foratheists

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The Independent Online
From Mr Stephen J. A. Curr

Sir: How much I agree with your article and editorial comment on the scout's promise. It seems that God, any God, is acceptable to the Scout Association, but that no God is not, irrespective of the values ("integrity, loyalty, trustworthiness") that atheistic and humanistic scout leaders can offer the young people of today just as strongly as their religious counterparts.

In the case of the humanist, Roy Hartle, who your article cites, the local Scout Association that kicked him out comes out looking very poor. Roy served the Scouts for 17 years under a modified oath before the local hierarchy suddenly deemed it unacceptable. Those who took this decision would do well to examine their actions against the values that they profess to hold, and to reflect on the loss of Roy's enthusiastic and selfless support for our young scouts, who are the ultimate losers.

Yours faithfully,



21 June