LETTER:Shameful addiction in local government

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From Mr Ken Mafham

Sir: Your articles on alleged child abuse in Islington express the shock and outrage that many people must feel. You mention the failure of managers to act on allegations for fear of the consequences. It needs to be said that there was no certainty that the reprisals which these people feared would actually take place. Even if they did, there would be rights of appeal both within and outside the local authority.

I have been a middle manager in local government for 20 years. I recognise the symptoms. We have developed an addiction forsafety and security, so far as our personal position is concerned. It is an addiction that has probably had serious consequences not only for children in care but also for the wider community, who depend on those paid good money to protect their interests actually doing so. It is an addiction for which we should feel deeply ashamed.

Yours faithfully,



25 May