LETTER:Support for SionCollege Library

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From Mr John Creasey

Sir: Not all those who use Sion College Library find it either daunting or inadequate, nor do they view the proposals for its future with the equanimity displayed by Canon A. E. Harvey (Letters, 14 June). There have been numerous expressions of disquiet and incredulity over what is proposed, and if these plans are implemented it will involve the collections being out of use for a lengthy period.

It should be recalled that the building was erected as a library, albeit in the last century, and that the installation of the mobile bookstacks mentioned by Dr John Oddy (Letters, 14 June) enabled a controlled area to be created for the bulk of the historic collection in an air-conditioned and temperature-regulated atmosphere. The same operation released considerable space for expansion, should it be required in the future. The capacity of the building is by no means exhausted.

Having had the pleasure of serving on the College's Book Committee for some 20 years I know the library and its staff well. As a working librarian, and an active member of the Church of England in the diocese of London, I am saddened by the present course of events, whatever the necessity for them.

Yours faithfully,


London, WC1